Birthday Calendar

A special collaboration with Jansje.

Here is a nice yet practical gift idea that can keep forever. It is something that can be found in most Dutch households. A birthday calendar filled with many cherished reminders of Dutch life in different seasons of the year. 

The ‘verjaardagskalender’ is filled with my illustrations of Haarlem icons complemented with cheerful drawings from over 20 employees of Jansje. Jansje is a gift shop and lunch room that employs people with a challenge in life. 

Find Balance and Keep On Going.

Despite two lockdowns, we stayed connected and worked our way around restrictions to complete this project. 

I find that starting with small drawings and grouping them into themes is the key to showcase both our drawing styles with balance.

You can get the calendar online and at the Jansje store located in Haarlem Centrum.